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Our mission, simply put is to provide quality investigations in a timely manner to make your job easier.

We specialize in insurance defense investigations for workers compensation and liability claims for all of Northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon border. We have been serving insurance companies, TPAs, JPAs, self-insured companies, Federal and State Departments and Defense Attorneys for over 22 years.

To use our web case-assignment please contact us to get your user name and password. Assignments are also accepted over the phone or can be faxed to us. An acknowledgement and estimation of completion email will be sent for each assignment.

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Surveillance: We use a full range of digital cameras from wireless, covert to long range.  All of our cases are conducted with respect to privacy laws and we have been very proficient with numerous fraud convictions.  (Hourly Rate)

Activity Checks: These are used to give you an economical window of the claimant’s potential activity level and assess if further surveillance is warranted.  (Flat Rate)

Investigations: AOE/COE, Statements, Liability, Internet Media Profile, Background and Subrogation:  The assignments with these types of cases are handled expediently and thoroughly to allow you time to determine the validity of the claim.  (Hourly Rate)

SIU Services: Fraud Referrals, District Attorney and Department of Insurance walk–through; Annual Compliance Reports; Doctor video showings; File Review for potential fraud.  For each referral we have a hands on approach and track it through to the end. (Hourly Rate)

Vendor Management: On our investigator panel we have qualified, experienced, licensed and insured investigators throughout Northern California to cover all of your investigative needs.  Using our prequalified investigator panel saves time and costs allowing you more time to manage your claims.


*Experience Counts & Pays*

Semper Fidelis

Please contact us for a full review of our services and a current fee schedule.